Sample Alexa Skill for Guide released!

We have just released a sample Alexa skill for Guide called "Tea Guide". It's purpose is to demonstrate how Guide works using a very simplified tea making activity, and we are currently testing it with service users.

The Amazon Alexa system, which includes the Echo and Echo Dot devices, is a perfect fit for Guide. Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant which is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, and even integration into your smart home devices such as your heating system. The Echo and Echo dot devices are relatively cheaply available and have excellent speech recognition capabilities which are improving all the time using machine learning.

And now Alexa can demonstrate Guide. 

We have created a sample "skill" (as Alexa functions are called) to demonstrate how Guide works. It uses a simplified tea-making activity to let you try Guide and see how Guide could work for you. It is publicly available here: Tea Guide Alexa Skill (US version here). You need to enable it for your device via the Alexa app, but once you do you can then say "Alexa, start Tea Guide" and get talked through making a nice cup of tea.

We'd love to hear your feedback!