A list of Guide-related publications

Randomised Control Trial

Edited book

 O'Neill, B. & Gillespie, A. (2015). Assistive Technology for Cognition. Hove, UK: Psychology Press.

Journal articles

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Edited book chapters

Best, C. O'Neill, B. Gillespie, A. (2013) Assisitve Technology for Cognition: Enabling Activities of Daily Living in Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centred Healthcare and Social Care Services, Cruz-Cunha, M. M., Miranda, I. M., and Goncalves, P.   (Eds.) IGI Global. doi 10.40187978-1-4666-3986-7

Presentations & invited talks

O'Neill, B. (2014) Winner of Award for Innovation. Independent Specialist Care Awards. Laing Buisson. London, 12th March 2014.

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