Guide Research

Guide is a research based technology.

Since 2007 we have been studying how great caregivers provide verbal support to people with cognitive impairments and specifically how we could simulate that support using the latest technology.

We have shown how difficult it is for formal and informal caregivers to give appropriate support, and also, how difficult it can be for people with cognitive impairment to recieve the support without feeling that it is nagging.

We have also shown that technology can support 'micro-prompting', that is step-by-step prompting through activities of daily living. Moreover, we have shown how users often prefer the consistency and non-judgemental nature of technology to provide such prompting.

Specifically, our research has shown that Guide can be used effectively with people with a range of cognitive disorders (e.g., brain injury, learning difficulties and dementia) to support a range of activities (e.g., food preparation, limb donning, blood sugar level checking, morning routine and laundry)

We are currently concluding a randomized control trial of Guide.